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Assassin's Creed ORIGINS - Walkthrough - (Part 02) - [Lake Mareotis]

Layla Hassan, a researcher at Abstergo's Historical Research Division, is tasked along with her friend and co-worker Deanna Geary with finding and retrieving an artifact in Egypt. However, she instead finds a tomb containing the mummies of ancient Assassins Bayek and Aya. Hoping to find any relevant information that would secure her a position in the company's Animus Project, Layla decides to relive both Bayek and Aya's memories using her modified Animus without telling her superiors, despite Deanna's protest.

Part X - May Amun Walk Beside You

Part XI - Ambush in the Temple

This begins inside the main temple at Yamu. Hold up on the Dpad to ping the area and locate an NPC with a white arrow over him. Speak to him to begin the quest.

Talk to him again and go on the tour. Shortly after, you are tasked with finding his 4 children. One is in the room you were just in. Another is on the roof of the temple. A third is out back on an animal cage and the fourth is down a well. If you don’t see them initially, use your bird. Yellow lines appear around the edge of the birds vision, showing you which way to look. A you get closer, the lines turn into full circles and then the circles get smaller as you get closer.

While freeing the one in the well, you need to smash a wall so he can escape and then while saving the kid above the animal cage, you’ll need to kill the hyena.

Once all the children are found, return to Menehet to finish this quest and automatically begin Ulterior Votive.

Part XII - Ulterior Votives

This quest begins automatically after finishing Ambush in the Temple.

You will be asked to speak with some merchants in town so head there first. When you arrive in the area, press up on the Dpad to ping the area and mark various NPCs for investigation. Speak to all 3 and one of them will try and flee. Give chase until he reaches his farm.

You can only speak to him at night, so wait at the farm until nightfall then speak to him. During the conversation you’ll be attacked by 3 men, so deal with them quickly then speak to the merchant again.

Next you are tasked with destroying some supplies. Head to the camp and scout it out. Since it’s likely night still, it should be lightly defended. Take care of the guards, then smash the marked pots using your weapons. Return to town when that’s complete and speak to Menehet. This will end your current quest and begin Lady of Slaughter.

Part XIII - Lady of Slaughter

This quest begins automatically after finishing Ulterior Votive.

Head to town and look for the drunk man. You will need the help of your bird to lock in his location. Once you found him, carry him all the way back to the temple and to Menehet.

You’ll then be asked to meet the high priest. Do so and you’ll end up replacing the drunk man during the ceremony. You’ll be pitted against a very tough warrior. He will try to break your shield many times, so it’s best to stay far away. Close in on him with your own R2 (shield breaker) attack, combo him then back away. Repeat as needed until you have full adrenaline, during which time you can be more aggressive. Once adrenaline wears off, repeat your cautious fighting until it fills again.

Once you beat him, another cutscene rolls and then the quest ends.

Part XIV - Hidden Tax

Speak to the beggar woman about her husband Claudius near the stalls by the lakeside, south-east of the Blacksmith’s shop. She says he was last seen heading across the lake to the ruins in its center. Make sure you’ve got a decent amount of ranged ammo, then requisition a boat from the nearby docks and sail to the nearby ruins.

Use Senu to locate the husband, trapped on a sunken column by two crocodiles. Dismount the boat and jump to the column - the crocs can knock you off your feed by ramming smaller boats - then take out the crocs from your safe vantage point.

Re-board the boat and wait for Claudius to do the same, then return to the shore and speak to his wife.

When the true plot is revealed, defeat the two brawlers and speak to Claudius to complete the mission.

Part XV - The Book Of Dead

This begins in Yamu. Speak with the old man to find out his book was stolen by bandits.

Travel South and you’ll find their camp at the Necropolis. There are several enemies patrolling outside. If it’s day time, use ranged weapons and all the grass to clean them out. If it’s night, it’s much simpler to just dash around assassinating the few who are awake.

Go into the cave when it’s clear and grab the book (along with any other loot). Now return to town and speak to the marked NPC, who will tell you some unfortunate news. Head to the old man’s dead body, give him the book and the quest will end.

Part XVI - Birthright

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