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Assassin's Creed ORIGINS - Walkthrough - (Part 01) - [SIWA]

Layla Hassan, a researcher at Abstergo's Historical Research Division, is tasked along with her friend and co-worker Deanna Geary with finding and retrieving an artifact in Egypt. However, she instead finds a tomb containing the mummies of ancient Assassins Bayek and Aya. Hoping to find any relevant information that would secure her a position in the company's Animus Project, Layla decides to relive both Bayek and Aya's memories using her modified Animus without telling her superiors, despite Deanna's protest.

Part I - The Oasis

After the cutscene ends, practice basic combat skills by battling the Heron’s bodyguard. Avoid his heaviest strikes by dodging, and his slower melee attacks by rotating around him and striking once his blow has missed..

Jump across to the platform at the far end of the chamber, then head into the next room. Climb the Ibis statue at the far end to reach the lit platform, then destroy the weakened wall to exit the tomb. Defeat the soldiers you encounter to complete the mission.

Call your mount and get on, then follow Hepzefa through the desert until you reach the village of Siwa. Continue following him through town until you reach his home, then dismount and head inside.

After the cutscene, follow the tutorials that explain bow using a bow as well as stealth combat after the soldiers arrive. There are six altogether - the one who initially spotted you as a tutorial, their leader outside the front door, another around the right-hand side of the house, one on the balcony above him, another in the garden behind the house, and one more outside the back-left corner of the building.

Part II - Gear Up

You’ll need three scraps of Soft Leather to craft an upgraded Breastplate. Although there are many ways to acquire them, you can use Senu's vision to locate some animals all around the outskirts of town that can be harvested for Soft Leather. Two or three kills should yield enough materials to craft the breastplate.

You’re also nearby an old Medjai outpost, why not take the time to climb to the top? You’ll find a loot box up there as well. This hunting area is also near the Mountain of the Dead Tomb, where you can earn a free ability point and also complete the side quest Hideaway.

Part III - Family Reunion

This mission is acquired via message in Hepzefa’s home - a man named Teremun is being unjustly held prisoner in a nearby outpost.

This mission is best completed at night, when there are fewer guards patrolling the rear area of the temple. Approach from below the cliffs to the north and eliminate any guards you worry may detect you while approaching the prisoner holding cells. Use Senu to mark enemies and plan your route - we eliminated the guard in the stone tower, then crept over to the cells beneath it.
When you find Teremun’s body, carry it down the muddy slope to your mount (call it if you haven’t), then ride to the old man’s home. When you arrive, speak to the citizen sifting through the wreckage, then lay Teremun’s body in a nearby tent to complete the mission

Part IV - Water Rats

A note came to Hepzefa’s house claiming that bandits had overtaken the local mountain spring.

You can find their hideout up in the hills to the north of Siwa village. There are 8 bandits to kill - four on rotating patrol on the upper and lower level of the cavern and four who remain in the wellspring below (unless alerted to your presence).

If you find yourself struggling to deal with the ones down below, remember that you can use ranged weapons to draw their attention. This will cause them to come investigate you, but if you hide while they do this, you can get the drop on them.

There are several loot chests located around the cavern as well, containing weapons and gold. 3 of these are tied to completing the area. One is on the upper level, overlooking the lower floors. Another is just down the ladder and a few steps away from it, while the last chest is just a dozen feet from the second, sitting on the lowest portion of the cave.

Part V - The False Oracle

Once you reach level 4 or 5, head to the Temple of Amun in the middle of Siwa village. Use Senu to search the area for your target, the Masked villain whom Bayet has promised vengeance against.

Once you discover and mark him, take note of the other guards and their positions / patrol routes (if you’ve unlocked the Hunter’s Instinct perk, it comes in handy here).

Note: Unlike previous Assassin’s Creed games, where killing a target from a distance would immediately trigger the advancing cutscene, Origins requires Bayek to “confirm” his kill, meaning you must get next to the body and complete a timed button prompt to advance the story.

After the cutscene, lead Bayek’s son and his friend to the hunting grounds. Use Senu’s vision to detect your target, then sneak close enough to bring it down with an arrow and collect the pelt.

Lead the boy back towards town, and follow the detour marker to Halma Point to trigger a cutscene. When it ends, follow the waypoint and confront the soldiers to trigger another cutscene and complete the mission.

Part VI - Striking The Anvil

Speak to Benipe the Blacksmith, near the Weaver’s shop in Siwa village. He’ll tell you of his troubles with the local militia, how the a captain at Camp Shetjeh has confiscated his tools. You’ll need to find his tools in the camp and eliminate the Captain.

Note that you can deal with the captain and the camp before taking on this mission if you choose.

This quest is most easily done at night, however, if you don’t have that option yet, continue onwards.

During the day, you’ll find the captain patrolling throughout the camp. The easiest way to bring him down is to sneak over the ridge above the North gate of the camp, then wait for him to enter the guard stall below you and sneak up on him from behind.

The tools are in a chest in his tent, diagonally across from this stall near the north gate. You may deal with the other guards if you so choose - there are three more patrolling around, one at each gate (north & south), another in the watchtower on the Eastern wall, and three more in the building beneath him.

Return to Benipe when you have eliminated the captain and recovered his tools, and he’ll give you a choice between a new bow, a long spear or a heavy mace. This choice depends on which play style you favor - if you tend to play stealthily, we recommend the Bow. If you engage in combat but play defensively (constantly dodging and parrying), then perhaps the spear would be best. If you tend to favor aggressive combat instead, the mace should be right up your alley.

Part VII - Hideaway

Meet a child outside the entrance to the Mountain of the Dead, who will tell you that their older sibling got trapped inside by hyenas.

Head into the tomb and follow the passage until you come to a weakened wall covered in scarabs. Destroy the wall and proceed through, then follow the open path to the right once you’ve spotted Chenzira.

Use your AnimusScan (up on the Dpad) to locate any treasure nearby, as well as a pair of movable crates. Smash the pots blocking the one crate’s path, then move it out of the doorway. Pull the second set of crates back from the alcove it rests in and move it aside to reveal another passage - here you can find a chest containing a Rare weapon.

Head through the passage behind the first crate you moved and speak to Chenzira, then interact with the large stone tablet glittering on the nearby wall to earn a new Ability Point.

Lead Chenzira through the tunnels and back outside, but use caution when engaging the hyenas and leopard that you find fighting at the exit of the tunnel. Defeat the animals to complete the quest (and claim some fresh crafting materials!)

Part VIII - The Healer

Speak to Rabia at her home near the lake, then use Senu’s flight-sight to spot the location of valuable medicine jars below the lake’s surface. There are three jars around the sunken boat, which can be spotted from the air near the pillar emerging from the depths near the shore behind Rabia’s house.

Note: This is also very close to the location of treasure spot Lysandros’ Oracle Offerings, an underwater ruin that contains three treasure chests.

Once you’ve collected all of the jars, resurface and head ashore to meet Rabia at the House of Life temple. She’ll tell you that several soldiers forcibly ejected her patients, and request that you “take care” of them.

Eliminate the guards in the temple and return to Rabia.

Part IX - Prisoners in the Temple

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