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Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Sequence 2 - The Crossroads of the World - Walkthrough (PC Gameplay)

The main quest in Assassin's Creed: Revelations is made up of 9 Sequences, each containing a number of Memories. You can go back and replay most Memories at your leisure after you've completed them, so don't worry too much about getting Full Sync on your first run through.

Sequence 2 - The Crossroads of the World

  - Memory 1 - A Warm Welcome

Full Sync - Do not wander far from Yusuf.                                                   

After the intro cutscene, Ezio can spend his time wandering all over Constantinople. Once your exploration is done, approach Yusuf and speak to him to start the mission.

To achieve Full Sync, Ezio must not wander far from Yusuf. To stay close, move in close and press the X Button (or A Button on Xbox) to make Ezio automatically do the Walk-And-Talk. If done correctly, Ezio will follow Yusuf and you won't need to control him to keep up the pace.

If Ezio bumps into other civilians, it might break the Walk-And-Talk, so just quickly get back to Yusuf and press the X Button to continue following him.

Midway through, Ezio and Yusuf will fight off some guards. Use Kill Streaks on them to clear them out and then continue following Yusuf with the Walk-And-Talk to the Galata hideout to complete the mission.

  - Memory 2 - Upgrade and Explore

NOTE: This Memory cannot be Replayed in Replay Mode!

This mission requires Ezio to learn the area and bulk up his equipment. If you were wise enough to loot all the bad guys in Sequence 1, then Ezio should have a hefty amount of change in his pocket to buy the necessary upgrades. If not, then an easy way to gather some quick $$$ is by pickpocketing a couple of civilians.

Gather up enough cash and then make your way to the Blacksmith to complete the mission.

  - Memory 3 - The Hookblade

Full Sync - Perform every hookblade move successfully at least once. 

Approach Yusuf to begin the mission. To achieve Full Sync, Ezio is required to perform every move with the Hookblade. Follow Yusuf and be sure to perform the following three Hookblade moves:


Follow Yusuf through the rooftops while performing the Extended Reach and Long Jumps throughout the area. For the last half of the mission, Ezio needs to perform three Hook-And-Run moves. Follow the onscreen instructions to perform the move (and get Full Sync). Complete the move three times to complete the mission.

  - Memory 4 - The View From Galata

Full Sync - Climb the tower in under 60 seconds

Approach Yusuf to start the mission. To achieve Full Sync, Ezio needs to climb the tower in under a minute. First, Ezio needs to know the correct path to climbing to the top. It may take a few replays to figure it out, but it isn't difficult.
Once you know the climbing path, Ezio will need to climb the tower with enough speed to reach the top. To quickly climb up higher and faster, keep pressing the jump button and if done correctly, Ezio will do a double-clutch grab! This move will allow Ezio to hook a ledge and climb even higher.
Reach the top of the tower and then perform a Leap Of Faith to complete the mission.

  - Memory 5 - Advanced Tactics

Full Sync - Perform a zipline assassination.                                              

Follow Yusuf on the rooftops and he will teach Ezio how to use the zipline. Zip from rooftop to rooftop to trigger a cutscene.
In the cutscene, Yusuf will show Ezio a zipline assassination. To achieve Full Sync, follow Yusuf's instruction and perform an air assassination on the rooftop guard to trigger another cutscene. From there, follow the rooftops to the Galata Den and speak to the apprentice to complete the mission.

  - Memory 6 - On the Defense

This Memory tasks you with defending your safe-house from oncoming waves of Templar enemies.

Your first move should be to deploy leaders on both sides of the alley's entrance. This will allow you to populate the rooftops with Archers and Gunmen. You can also place a Barricade near the head of the tunnel to slow down the enemy attack.
You gain Morale as you take down the oncoming waves. Use this form of currency to upgrade your barricade and to line the rooftops with your allies. You can also unleash a cannon barrage by highlighting a group of enemies and hitting L2. You can also gain extra money by sending your units to loot dead bodies in between waves.
The final challenge comes in the form of a Battering Ram. Use the rest of your cannons and spend any Morale you have to defeat the battering ram before it reaches the base. Repel all waves of enemies with your safe-house remaining intact to complete this Memory.

  - Memory 7 - On the Attack

Full Sync - Do not create any conflict in the Imperial North District                                  

Talk to the boat captain to start the mission. After the cutscene with Yusuf, eliminate three Byzantine guards with Kill Streaks to clear them out. From there, follow Yusuf (use the Walk-And-Talk) and listen and watch him teach about new useful bombs.

When prompted, toss a Cherry Bomb to distract some guards and then follow Yusuf to the rooftops until another cutscene triggers.

From there, perform a zipline assassination and rejoin with Yusuf where he will explain about finding the Templar Captain. To achieve Full Sync, first activate Eagle Sense to identify the Templar Captain. Once he's been identified, deactivate Eagle Sense and then quickly equip a Poison Dart.

Quickly shoot the Poison Dart at the Templar Captain before he roams off. Once he gets shot with the Poison Dart, wait for the Captain to nod off (by doing this, it allows for zero conflict) and, from there, climb the Imperial North Tower and ignite it to complete the mission.

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